what a way to die: death by chainsaw

You know what sucks? Dying. You know what sucks even more? Dying in some sort of horrible or boring way. I mean anyone can be stabbed or shot or slip on some ice. Knowing some maniac went out of his way to give you some silly, outrageous or creative death should give you at least some comfort, right?

Plus try to think of it from the killer’s perspective you try your best to be creative and fun, but all anyone wants to do is kill you. Where’s the justification in that? I mean you’re an artist after all. That is why we here at the Brigade started ‘What a way to die.’ This week we are doing it a little differently. What happens when the tide is turned on the maniac?

This week’s death is from the Syfy sensation Sharknado. Haven’t seen it? Where in the heck have you been? This week’s what a way to die is death by Chainsaw. How much does it suck to be that shark? One minute you’re swimming around looking for some grub and the next you’re in a fricking tornado. Then you’re flying out of the tornado but at least there is a chick you can eat or at least crash into. Nope here comes Ian Ziering with a fricking chainsaw.


~ by ClevelandPoet on July 31, 2013.

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