death by girl stabbing you in crotch

You know what sucks? Dying. You know what sucks even more? Dying in some sort of horrible or boring way. I mean anyone can be stabbed or shot or slip on some ice. Knowing some maniac went out of his way to give you some silly, outrageous or creative death should give you at least some comfort, right?

Plus try to think of it from the killer’s perspective you try your best to be creative and fun, but all anyone wants to do is kill you. Where’s the justification in that? I mean you’re an artist after all. That is why we here at the Brigade started ‘What a way to die.’ This week’s What a Way to Die is brought to you by Battle Royale.

Last night the brigade went to see Battle Royale on the big screen. It must suck to be put in a fight to the death against your classmates (depending on your classmates I guess.) One minute on you are on your way to your class field trip. The next you wake up and you’re told you’ll be fighting to the death on a remote island.

Then you run into the girl you’ve told everyone you’ve slept with. What is the best thing to do when this happens? See if she really wants to have sex with you. When that doesn’t work? Why, threaten to rape her of course. If you DO all of this and then shoot her (sure sure accidentally) you should probably make the shot count. That is unless you enjoy being stabbed in the crotch.

For What a way to die Wednesday we present to you the death of Boy #16 Kazushi Niida.

Death by threatening to rape/accidentally shooting girl with arrow/being stabbed in crotch:


~ by ClevelandPoet on April 4, 2012.

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