Future Force Review


Title: Future Force
Director: David A. Prior
Writer: Thomas Baldwin (creator), David A. Prior
Stars: David Carradine, Robert Tessier and Anna Rapagna
Rated: R
Tagline: Judge. Jury. Executioner.


Photobucket Like your first sex experience. Some good but mostly bad.

In the future there will be spoilers.


Who you’ll see:

John Tucker – David Carradine! Tough cop with a robotic glove, upholds the law without question, but he has a tendency to punch opponents in the crotch.
Becker – Big guy who is Adams’ main enforcer. Quite deadly with his butterfly knife, but no match for Tucker.
Mr. Adams – Owner of the C.O.P.S. organization, should have stayed behind his desk.
Roxanne – Girl with painted on jeans who is sweet on Tucker, she freaks me out. Largely on account she looks like the mutant woman in “Total Recall” without using makeup. Becker slits her throat.
Billy – John’s computer whiz friend, confined to a wheelchair (Of course.) by an unfortunate accident. Bullets are equal opportunity, he dies.
Marion – Female reporter who is about to blow the lid off corruption within the C.O.P.S. organization.
Mr. Grimes – Priest and gang lord, crack shot with a LAW too.
Alicia – Marion’s boss and friend, cut up by Becker.


What we learned:

In the future we will all be forced to use block letters.
In the future bounty hunters will have detachable robot arms but still drive crappy jeep Cherokees.
The nineties loved the jean jackets.
Crime is contained but they still have stations that play easy listening music.
In the future David Carradine can take any seat he wants.
Best not to “hide” from the law by just parking and sitting in the car they know you’re in at random places
Best way to show you are angry is by breaking a pencil.


What to listen for:

“Presumed guilty till proven innocent. You have a right to die.”
“Dying ain’t much of a job.”


Things you need to see:

Boob shot. 19:55
Random acts of violence against a TV. 22 minutes.
That door didn’t stand a chance. 29 minutes.
Fight of the century is robotic arm vs. bad guy. 107 minutes.


What happens:

Sometime in the 90’s America was overrun with criminals and it became too much for even cops to handle. C.O.P.S (Civilian Operated Police State), a ruthless band of bounty hunters was formed to restore order in a city. Mr. Adams is not only the owner of C.O.P.S but as corrupt as they come. He’s got a pretty sweet gig too. He runs all the crime and if anyone gets in his way he sets them up to be hunted by his bounty hunters.

Everything was going swell for him. He spent his time drinking hard liquor and Killing with his buddy Becker. Then one day he turns on the TV and everything changed. Instead of watching reruns of Friends he switched on the news. There sat Marion telling the world she’s about to reveal major corruption in the C.O.P.S organization. Clearly she has to die. With a few keystrokes Mr. Adams marked her as wanted.

Luckily for her the first one to find her is David Carradine—I mean John Tucker. John is a hardnosed “cop” who happens to be the best bounty hunter out there. Need proof he’s the best? He has a mechanical arm. More proof? He also has a remote control for it. If you still don’t believe he’s the best he’ll probably punch you in the crotch. He has that tendency. John is aided by Billy his little wheel chair buddy. Billy is the brains of the team. Tucker finds her first and is well less than gentle. She is sure he is just as corrupt as Adams and others. He may be rough but he doesn’t care about illegal payoffs. He’s just there to bring you in and let the judge deal with you.

As he attempts to bring her in he is met by other C.O.P.S who work for Adams. After he deals with them he still intends on bringing her in only Adams has now put a hit out on him. What does he do? Why he brings her to a strip club other C.O.P.S hang out of course. The pair barely escapes and they hide out—by parking their car in the middle of the street somewhere.

Eventually Tucker begins to believe everything that Marion is saying. This leads them right into the bedroom for some sex the John Tucker way. We don’t actually see the sex but I assume he uses his robot arm. The next morning she wakes up and he is gone. It seems John Tucker celebrates sex by killing some baddies. He and Billy come up with a brilliant plan of putting out a warrant for Mr. Adams. Billy races to crack the computer password as Tucker meets the baddies for a battle in a junkyard.

The whole movie is Tucker kicking people’s asses but here he seems to have met his match in Becker. As they battle it out Adams makes a run for it. When things look grim for he breaks out the remote control robot arm and uses it to donkey punch the bad guy.
It was fun to watch the big time baddie sort of stand there weapon in hand as Tucker played with the remote for a minute. Then bam donkey punch!

Of course things didn’t turn out too well for good ole wheelchair Billy. He met his end with a whole bunch of lead but mustered the strength to hit send. Meanwhile Tucker cornered Adams in the C.O.P.S headquarters. As he prepares to arrest him Adams orders the other C.O.P.S to shoot Tucker. They all pull their weapons but are mesmerized by his charm and wait just long enough to see an order come out for Adams himself. The order literally scrolls across a screen. Adams goes down in a haze of bullets from Tucker’s gun. He then limps out of the building and meets up with Marion and they drive off.

The plot is fun enough. The effects and costumes only add to the entertainment. The uniforms of the future are essentially jeans and jean jackets. The movie is made on the cheap and it shows. That said there are plenty of chases, fight scenes and topless women gyrating. Future Force is bad but laugh worthy. Hell it might be worth the watch just to enjoy the flying robot arm junk punch.





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