What a Way to Die: Death by Basketball

You know what sucks? Dying. You know what sucks even more? Dying in some
sort of horrible or boring way. I mean anyone can be stabbed or shot or slip on
some ice. Knowing some maniac went out of his way to give you some silly,
outrageous or creative death should give you at least some comfort, right?

Plus try to think of it from the killer’s perspective you try your best to
be creative and fun, but all anyone wants to do is kill you. Where’s the
justification in that? I mean you’re an artist after all. That is why we here
started ‘What a way to die.’ This week’s What a Way to Die is brought to you by
the movie Deadly Friend.

Haven’t you always wondered what it would be like if a young Kristy Swanson
had remote controlled robot’s AI chip implanted in her brain? Well look no
further than the 1986 gem Deadly Friend. Samantha (Swanson) was almost killed
by her abusive father and her science nerd friends decided to save her life by
implanting his robot’s AI chip into her head. The robot was gunned down by
their recluse neighbor. Both are out for revenge. It’s a good thing they didn’t
implant the chip into Magic Johnson’s head.

We give you death by basketball.



~ by ClevelandPoet on February 16, 2011.

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