Monday’s Maniac Succubus Strippers

You know who doesn’t get enough love? Movie maniacs that’s who doesn’t get enough love. For some of them not getting enough love as a child is what the problem is. Okay and maybe for others it was too much love as kid. That is just the sort of statement that would probably set them off. What the hell is wrong with you anyway? This week’s Maniac is brought to you by the movie Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the damned.

Without further ado we give love to Vermillion, Snowy and Emerald


Back story: Best man Sammy is ready to throw a wild weekend bachelor party for his best friend Chuck. When a bungalow in the Hamptons is offered it seems too good to pass up. He hires three exotic dancers to provide entertainment but they turn out to be ferocious demonic succubus vampires. Enter Snowy, Vermillion and Emerald.

Occupation: Strippers/succubi?
Appearance: 1
General target: Dumb guys at a bachelor party in the Hamptons.
Outfit: Leather and nakedness.
Weapons: Teeth and goo they shoot from their mouths. Oh and we can’t forget boobs and butts.
Kills: 2


~ by ClevelandPoet on January 17, 2011.

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