Monday’s Maniac: The Bone Eater

You know who doesn’t get enough love? Movie maniacs that’s who doesn’t get enough love. For some of them not getting enough love as a child is what the problem is. Okay and maybe for others it was too much love as kid. That is just the sort of statement that would probably set them off. What the hell is wrong with you anyway? This week’s Maniac is brought to you by the movie Bone Eater.

Without further ado we give love to The Bone Eater.


Back Story:

In Sweet Water a douche bag entrepreneur Dick Krantz is constructing a resort in the middle of the desert under the protest of the Katonahs. When three workers find some Indian relics and bones in a ditch in the site they release the giant skeleton creature known as Bone Eater. He proceeds to kill anyone and everyone.

Occupation: Bone devouring monster, Evil creature.
Appearance: 1
General target: Businessmen who build on Indian land and anyone who gets in its way.
Outfit: Just bones.
Weapons: Bones, magic
Kills: 20


~ by ClevelandPoet on November 29, 2010.

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