What a way to die: Death by Turkey

For this week’s what a way to die we look to the bird world. It comes from ThanksKilling. I suppose we should thank In Broad Daylight Films for it because it’s really one of the truely awesomely bad flicks. The kind we all love to watch. This week’s WAWTD is courtesy of a foul mouthed fowl. That’s right the killer is an evil turkey. Let that sink (like gravy) and then get ready. The kill itself is normal (a simple breaking of the neck) but the preceding is what makes this WAWTD. Ali just wanted to get some but unfortunately for her she got more than she bargained for. The boy she’s having sex with is killed in the middle of it. Then the turkey takes his place. That’s right this week we present to you:

Death by Turkey…that just raped you.




“You just got stuffed.” is what he tells her right before killing here. Oh yeah and he used an extra tiny gravy flavored condom too.


Here is the trailer:

I think it can be found on Netflix.


~ by ClevelandPoet on November 17, 2010.

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