Monday’s Maniac: Giant Antimatter buzzard

You know who doesn’t get enough love? Movie maniacs that’s who doesn’t get enough love. For some of them not getting enough love as a child is what the problem is. Okay and maybe for others it was too much love as kid. That is just the sort of statement that would probably set them off. What the hell is wrong with you anyway? This week’s Maniac is brought to you by the movie The Giant Claw

This Monday we share the love with giant antimatter bird that likes to eat planes.


Back story: A simple one really. A pilot is flying a jet to help calibrate a radar system. While up playing Top Gun he spots a UFO. He radios in for help. The response is immediate. Fighter jets are scrambled to find and intercept the unidentified flying object. Nothing shows up on radar and the trip is a bust. However one jet does not return and soon a transport aircraft goes missing. The disappearances are of course a mystery. It of course is some sort of giant antimatter bird from outer space.

Appearance: 1
Occupation: Giant Antimatter Space Buzzard.
General target: Earthlings?
Weapons: Antimatter force field, Beak, claws.
Outfit: Feathers and an impenetrable antimatter force field.
Kills: Countless planes/passangers. The Civil Aerounatics Board and 1 lovable French Canadian Moonshiner.



~ by ClevelandPoet on November 15, 2010.

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