What a way to die: Death by Doggy Pie

For this week’s what a way to die we look to Theatre of Blood. It is a classic and of course stars the great Vincent Price. In this week’s WAWTD we get a Shakespeare inspired death (all of the deaths in the movie are.) Almost all of the kills in the movie are fun (as are the traps they use to bring upon the death) but the one that stands out is the Titus Andronicus inspired kill. So this week we present to you:
Death by doggy pie.


The movie revolves around a bitter Shakespearean actor seeking revenge on critics. In this kill the critic loves his doggies, who he calls his babies. In Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus Queen Tamara is tricked into eating her children. Here the effeminate critic is tricked into eating his “babies” that are baked into meat pies.


Soon enough the actor reveals his deed and then proceeds to force feed him his poodles. Well you know how this ends.


Luckily this video is of the kill. The scene goes until about the 5 minute mark. Enjoy.


~ by ClevelandPoet on November 10, 2010.

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