Monday’s Maniac: Dr. Carruthers

You know who doesn’t get enough love? Movie maniacs that’s who doesn’t get enough love. For some of them not getting enough love as a child is what the problem is. Okay and maybe for others it was too much love as kid. That is just the sort of statement that would probably set them off. What the hell is wrong with you anyway? This week’s Maniac is brought to you by the movie The Devil Bat.

This Monday we share the love with Dr. Carruthers.


Back Story:

A small town cosmetic company chemist Dr. Paul Carruthers ( played of course by the awesome Bela Lugosi) is upset with his wealthy employers, because he feels they have denied him his due share of company success. To get revenge, he breeds giant bats. He then conditions them to kill those wearing a special after-shave lotion he has concocted. He cleverly distributes the lotion to his enemies as a “test” product.

Occupation: Chemist, Mad Doctor
Appearance: 1
General target: The owners and families of the cosmetic company he works for.
Outfit: Suit
Weapons: Giant bats and special after shave lotion.
Kills: 4

Dr. Carruthers is smart and charming. He’s pretty smooth under pressure. On the surface he seems cordial and friendly but get him mad and you get this:


And you know he’s concocting a way to trick you into putting on the after shave so the bats will get you.


~ by ClevelandPoet on October 18, 2010.

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