Monday’s Maniac: The Reaper


Today’s Monday Maniac is from the painfully bad rip-off of a rip-off Death Racers. I chose The Reaper because well he’s called The Reaper. Plus he is played by my all time favorite wrestler Raven. Oh and look for a review of this hatchet and cheap gore fest later this week.

Back Story:

In the year 2033 The Reaper is a dangerous criminal. He is the unofficial ruler of the “Red Zone”, a massive prison camp built in a desolate city. He forces a scientist to extract sarin, which he plans to spill into the nation’s water supply.

Occupation: Terrorist Mastermind, Prisoner

Appearance: 1

General Targets: All of humanity.

Weapon of choice: Sarin gas, thugs,

Kills: At least one mouse. Allegedly many a fellow prisoner.

Outfit: A stocking cap and vest. Plus generic pants. Oh and can’t forget to have taped fists.

The Reaper is as well spoken as he is poor tempered. He leads by intimidation. His goal is to kill everyone in America for no other reason than he can.

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~ by ClevelandPoet on August 23, 2010.

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