What a way to die 3: Death by Flag

This week’s what a way to die is brought to you by Cutting Class. Now there really is nothing very redeemable about this movie. You get Brad Pitt as Dwight but there is also Roddy McDowall as the principal. Also appearing in this film is Martin Mull. Anyway on to the death in this scene the gym coach gets an erect flag pole up the moon during his enjoyment of a trampoline. Now it appears to be right in the butt that he gets it but then it doesn’t so we’ll just say vaguely fetish/ homo erotic.

Note: You should probably not play on the trampoline while there is a killer out there.

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~ by ClevelandPoet on August 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “What a way to die 3: Death by Flag”

  1. haha awful, just awful. Although I have to disagree. Brad Pitt is a redeeming factor in just about ANY movie.

    • well I said it has nothing “very” reedemable in it. I suppose if you solely go eye candy than yes but writing and character wise he isn’t given much to go with and so acting wise isnt that good. Still young so unable to carry the movie himself.

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