What a way to die: Death by sundae

Horror movies and B movies provide us with some of the grossest and creative ways to die. Here at the Brigade we’ll highlight some of those ways every now and then.

Today for your pleasure we give to you a kill from the movie The Toxic Avenger (1984).

The toxic avenger

Melvin Junko was a stereotypical 98-pound weakling. He works as a janitor at a health club in the fictional town of Tromaville. There, he is tormented by his customers, particularly Bozo, Slug, Wanda, and Julie, who harass and tease him constantly. The Mayor of Tromaville is known as Mayor Belgoody (Pat Ryan Jr.) whom unknown to the citizens of the town is also the leader of a massive crime ring in Tromaville, but hides this fact by promoting good will and proposed justice to the town as a cover-up. A cruel prank is played on Melvin and eventually leads to his falling into a vat of toxic goo. This horribly disfigures him but also gives him super strength.

He goes around seeking vengeance and fighting crime.



The writers Lloyd Kaufman and Joe Ritter give us some gruesome and creative kills. One of which is when Toxie stumbles onto a group robbing a burger joint. After ripping off one dudes arm he takes on another baddie. Here he decides to make a sundae and then a milkshake in his mouth. The clip is 9 minutes long but the kill comes right away and is over at about the minute mark. Enjoy:

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~ by ClevelandPoet on July 1, 2010.

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