Monday’s Maniac: A*P*E


Back story: A giant gorilla is drugged and brought back to be in the circus. When he wakes up he does it’s on the wrong side of the bed. After making the ship that was transporting him explode and attacking a shark he decided to swims to the Korean shore ready to go ApeSh*t on all of them. He comes across an actress filming a rape scene and “saves” her.

Middle Fingers shown during fights: 1

Appearance: 1

Movies he’s ripped off: 1

General Targets: Sharks, a hang glider, Villages, his captors, factories, tanks, helicopters, and basically anyone who gets in the way of the actress he has a thing for.

Weapons: His big ass hands and feet.

Kills: Numerous buildings, people and of course 1 shark.

He is one foul-tempered gorilla that is almost forty feet tall and with some nappy fur. He may be made that he has no other name than A*P*E (attacking primate monster (what?)) or it may be that he is really just a cheap, quick and blatant attempt at a money grab. He can apparently make ships explode from the inside out.


~ by ClevelandPoet on June 28, 2010.

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